Our history

VISTOK DESINGS was born in Venezuela in 2012. The most curious thing is that it was not born as a typical business idea. Our designer Victoria Istok had been dreaming for a while about a specific swimsuit model and she got tired of going through all the stores looking for it and couldn't find it. and she decided without any prior knowledge of sewing to buy her first sewing machine and to everyone's surprise she managed to make her swimsuit, perhaps she had sewing in her genes because of her grandmother who was always a seamstress, at that moment all her friends began to ask if they could sell, so our designer started sales without looking for them. When she realized that sales exceeded her production capacity, she made the decision to make Vistok Design a real business, hiring people and that is where the Brand and its growth began, after There were many years of success, learning, and experiences until the day we decided to leave Venezuela. This 2024, with great enthusiasm from Spain, we decided to return to the market with our brand Vistok Designs, now registered as a Spanish Brand, having as products our unique designs of elegant and comfortable swimsuits made by hand with high quality materials.